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White Flowers

    You can customize the size and shape of the Chinese boxwood with pruning. By doing so, you can have it blend perfectly with your landscape theme. Glossy green leaves and small white flowers are desirable traits of this jasmine. The flowers form into clusters and blanket the plant top to bottom several times a year. However, compared to the sweet perfume that wafts the air when in bloom, they are of a secondary benefit. Birds, bees and butterflies find the fragrance delightful, and can be admired from sun-up to sundown. A nice quality of the shrub is it blooms many times throughout the year. Upon close inspection, it bears small red berries that can be used to propagate new shrubs. Tropical regions like Florida are where the Chinese boxwood grows best.

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    Climate Needs: The shrub is also known to survive dry conditions and some frost. Virtually any soil type is suitable for the jasmine. Best location is in full sunlight, however it can grow in partial shade. It can be grow inside the home or a greenhouse as long as sufficient sunlight is provided. Common Names: The jasmine is also known as Jasmine tree, Orange jasmine, Mock orange and Lakeview jasmine. Regardless of the name you use, the glossy leaves and fragrant flowers make a wonderful addition to any garden. To produce its large flower petals sufficient nutrients must be available. This is easily accomplished by providing fertilizer and organic matter to the soil. Surprising to some gardeners, the jasmine belongs to the same family as citrus plants. In fact, the smell of its blooms are similar to those of a orange tree. Beside its appeal as a landscape plant, in traditional medicine it is well know as an effective analgesic.

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