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Daisy Flower

    In addition to these general facts there are some pretty amazing things to be learned about flowers (including the common daisy) that you might not have been aware of. For example, the head of the common daisy isn't actually just a single pretty flower - each tiny bud on the head of the flower is a flower itself; each petal isn't really a petal, but a long narrow ray flower. Part of this is just based on the way the plants are classified, but it can spark some pretty interesting realizations about the smaller world within the beautiful flowers surrounding us; it is almost like when learning for the first time that things are made of molecules and molecules of atoms.

    Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower Daisy Flower

    So next time you're biting into a delicious head of lettuce, taking a sip of absinthe, or relaxing with a cup of chamomile tea, remember that all of the plants that they are derived from are related to the common daisy. Remember that seeing a field of daisies isn't really a field of single daisy flowers, but instead a collection of flower bundles in the shape of what we consider to be one of the most common flowers around. This flower has survived and evolved for thousands of years and become one of the most prosperous family of plant for a reason other than its many commercial uses - it is truly an amazing organism.

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