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Flowers Roses

    Of all the flowers, roses are the most admired, cherished and beloved flower for many generations. They are symbolic flowers and used in many different applications whether it is a bridal bouquet or an arrangement for a special event. The colors of the flowers used are often times just as important as the actual flowers chosen. Brides love roses because of their beauty and the fact that some roses represent passionate love and affection. However, the color of the rose can alter the meaning which you will learn below. Pink Roses symbolizes happiness and appreciation. Whether it is deep pink or light in color, it spells joy and light. It is a lovely color choice for a young girl or for the birth of a new baby girl. It shows affection too between friends when you don't want to cross over into the color of romantic love by sending red roses. Pink is used also to say thank you and to show affection. Soft and sweet describes this color. Pink is a more gentle color.

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    Purple Rose: With its origins tied to royalty and ceremony, purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success. Accomplishment and admiration. Purple is a very bold color and it makes a big impact. Lavender Rose: Lavender roses represent love at first glance. It is a way to say you are enamored and enchanted at the same time. The lavender rose is an extremely feminine rose color representing grace and elegance. It is used often in vintage arrangements that suggest the Victorian era. White Rose: The white rose represents purity. A very popular choice for bridal bouquets as the bride often likes to match her dress and wants to show both innocence and elegance on her wedding day. White flowers are also symbolically used for funerals. A return to purity. It is a color that represents love, reverence and honor. It is also the color of remembrance. Yellow Rose: Yellow roses are cheerful and brightly colored. Nothing says friendship any better than the yellow rose. The yellow roses expressed lightheartedness and happiness. What spells more joy than a bouquet of sun colored yellow roses! Orange Rose: Orange roses reflect enthusiasm and excitement. It represents blazing boldness, warmth and vibrancy and most of all, desire. Nothing is subtle about an orange rose. It suggests confidence and rich passion. Peach roses indicate interest and desire.

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