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Purple Flowers

    Flowers have different connotations - it depends on the color, shape, if it is a plum or not and the period in which they are given. Purple arrangements have a special beauty and they represent dignity, pride and success, being related to royal ceremonies. Purple flowers can be arranged in various, rich nuances or they can be mixed with flowers that have different colors, in order to achieve an astonishing effect of both profundity and contrast. Purple flower bouquets give a special, elegant design to every room in which they are placed and are a unique manner to mark the greatness of an event.

    Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers Purple Flowers

    Flowers had a special significance since ancient times and their beauty has always been of great surprise for mankind. The symbol and significance of flower have always been taken to consideration, in a conscious or unconscious way they are never offered at a venture. Purple and mauve nuances symbolize friendship, peace, gentleness and are a speechless language from heart to heart. Purple flower arrangements have a calming, relaxing effect and are usually associated with tranquility and melancholia, causing deep emotional reactions. Purple is a rich colour which has a dramatic chromatic tonality when chosen in flower arrangements. Combining two emotional extremes, purple flower arrangements can be either warm or cold, an aspect that depends on multiple factors, such as the colors which are in the surroundings.

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