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Beautiful Flowers

    A flower garden is easily found if not in your own yard but someone close. The beauty of flowers has enticed men and women for centuries. Flower gardens have actually been dated back as far as 4,000 B. C. On the Egyptian pyramid walls. Their beauty is even enjoyed by people who compete in an area contest, whether for the biggest rose or most beautiful giving all of us something beautiful to look at. The beauty can lift spirits whether sad or ill, therefore that would be why we send flowers when someone is in the hospital or experiencing a loss. The fragrance has been found to stir moods when mixed in perfumes or oils. The leafy green foliage is used in certain medicines and foods letting us know that they are good for more than just their beauty.

    Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers

    During the Victorian Era 1837-1901 flowers was used as adornments on many things including hair, clothing, jewelry to mention a few. During this era they were so popular they developed what was called Floriography the language of flowers. When making appearances you were thought to be well dressed if you were scented by a flower in a pleasing scent. During this era men could please or displease a woman by bringing her a floral arrangement. The type, size and amount as well as how he held them told her of his attentions. They held a silent meaning like if they were delivered upright it was a positive meaning and the opposite was a negative meaning. During this era this was an appropriate way to reject or invite someone from your life.

    Even today they have their own distinct meaning when given to someone. Roses stand for relationships, lilies for beauty and etc. Red roses mean love while yellow roses say I like being your friend. Today lilies are sent to funerals to represent the beauty of the afterlife with God. There are many reasons for sending floral arrangements to someone; maybe you love them or just saying goodbye. When someone has a child, Valentines Day or sick in the hospital these are all appropriate times to send them. There are many occasions to send them you should do the research first and make an educated purchase.

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